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Jock Yoga Bootcamp is a motivational and progressive bootcamp-style incarnation of Jock Yoga.


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Jock Yoga classes are offered at various amazing establishments throughout the GTA. To find out When & Where click here

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Jock Yoga is very active in the community and participates in various promotional and corporate events.


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Founded by Michael DeCorte, the Jock Yoga movement is in full swing, garnering local and national recognition, and enlisting some of Canada’s most prominent athletes and celebrities. Jock Yoga is intended to have a universal appeal, by creating a contemporary, challenging and fun practicing environment, while maintaining traditional yogic principles and safe alignment instruction. Jock Yoga teachers have completed a bare minimum 200hr yoga teacher certification, as well as lengthy study and certification with Michael DeCorte. Jock Yoga is also a proud affiliate and partner with several notable corporations and initiatives.

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Jock Yoga is athletic yoga, focused on strength and endurance rather than extreme flexibility. Jock Yoga is taught in everyday terms and is therefore accessible to a broader range of people. Paired with contemporary music, Jock Yoga classes are designed to have a more universal appeal—for the inflexible and the over-flexible who wish to build strength, women and men who want to tone and strengthen their muscles, jocks/athletes, people who want to strengthen their spirit/ambition/resolve, and just about anyone who is willing to sweat! Jock Yoga utilizes vigorous movement, standing and strengthening postures, postures that aid in the opening of athletic muscles/fascial lines, and some safe and fun arm-balancing. If you’re skeptical about yoga for any reason, or you’d simply like to power up your practice, check out Jock Yoga—you may just end up being a yoga-enthusiast!




Jock Yoga Bootcamp is a motivational and progressive bootcamp-style incarnation of Jock Yoga. The program runs four weeks–three mornings per week at various studios around Toronto, and each day targets either the upper-body, core or lower-body. Jock Yoga Bootcamp uses long-hold yoga postures and flows repetitively to achieve exhaustion of the targeted muscles. The physical results are undeniable, and the mental uplift cited by bootcampers has sold out venues all over the city. The Toronto Star calls Jock Yoga Bootcamp “Wildly popular Yoga for Type-A jocks”. Check ‘When and Where?’ for the next Bootcamp!