Too Heavily Meditated?

For me, depression leads to anxiety and vice versa. So here I was unmotivated and slightly depressed, and I knew once again that I needed meditation.

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Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipes!

I recently posted what I call an ‘informed-biased’ blog review of Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy, and I added my 500 calorie breakfast smoothie recipe. As you can see by the recipe’s simplicity, I’m not really a big smoothie guy. However, I just received these sexy-looking, protein-rich and energizing recipes, and I’ve decided to give […]

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strawberry frappuccino

Greens+ Extra Energy: Product Review

Greens+ Extra Energy I’m a bit biased when reviewing Greens+–or any product from Genuine Health for that matter—as I’ve been an ambassador for the company for some time and have participated in many educational seminars informing us of the superior quality of GH products. I suppose one could describe mine as an ‘informed bias’. Genuine […]

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