Greens+ Extra Energy: Product Review

Greens+ Extra Energy


I’m a bit biased when reviewing Greens+–or any product from Genuine Health for that matter—as I’ve been an ambassador for the company for some time and have participated in many educational seminars informing us of the superior quality of GH products. I suppose one could describe mine as an ‘informed bias’.

Genuine Health uses only all-natural ingredients and is one of the only companies that does their nutritional quality testing AFTER production. This means the nutritional values listed on the packaging are accurate. Most companies list the pre-production nutritional value of their ingredients, which means the nutrient density is reduced as the volume is reduced and refined during production.

Greens+ comes in many different flavours and genres: original, with multivitamins, daily detox, for kids, and bone builder to name a few. The dense nutritional value of Greens+ on its own is the perfect addition to anyone’s regimen to help fill the nutritional gaps present in almost everyone’s diet.

Greens+ Extra Energy comes in two flavours: Natural Orange and Natural Cappuccino. G+EE combines the alkalizing and nutrient-rich goodness of its original formula with taurine and 100mg naturally occurring caffeine from the Kola Nut. This mixture provides immediate, long-lasting natural energy, vitality and mental clarity without over-stimulation or energy ‘crash’ side effects. It is also sugar free, which provides a healthy alternative to coffee or sugary energy drinks which tax the central nervous system with unwanted additives and calories.

Personally, I love the product! I’ve been taking a scoop every morning when I roll out of bed (my 500 calorie breakfast smoothie recipe is listed below).

Here’s a bit of honesty: I am a yoga teacher before anything else in the fitness world, and I also like to lift weights. I got in the habit of using intense pre-workout drinks to get my pump on before the gym. At one point—a few years back–I was teaching an early morning Jock Yoga bootcamp, and I started drinking my pre-workout in the morning to wake me up enough to perform. Yuck! It gave me the energy alright, but I felt like a toxic fraud for taking something so unnatural to teach yoga.

So Greens+ Extra Energy is the perfect energizer/revitalizer for someone like me.

The flavours are great, and though you might think natural cappuccino flavouring wouldn’t mix with a green superfood, it actually does quite well. In fact, it’s become my morning coffee! I do still have a few espressos throughout the day, but if I need a boost and don’t want the over-stimulation of coffee caffeine, Greens+ Extra Energy is my go-to drink of choice—and I don’t feel like a toxic fraud!

For more product information you can visit: or directly link to G+EE at:

Greens+ Extra Energy can be found at most supplement and health food stores as well as at some pharmacies.

Michael’s energizing 500 calorie breakfast smoothie recipe:

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 medium banana

3/4 cup of wild frozen blueberries

1 scoop Greens+ Extra Energy Natural Orange Flavour

1 teaspoon powdered psyllium husks

1 handful baby spinach

1 scoop protein powder (of course I use Genuine Health Proteins+ [natural vanilla])

1 small handful rolled oats



Michael DeCorte