Founded by Michael DeCorte, the Jock Yoga movement is in full swing, garnering local and national recognition, and enlisting some of Canada’s most prominent athletes and celebrities. Jock Yoga is intended to have a universal appeal, by creating a contemporary, challenging and fun practicing environment, while maintaining traditional yogic principles and safe alignment instruction. Jock Yoga teachers have completed a bare minimum 200hr yoga teacher certification, as well as lengthy study and certification with Michael DeCorte. Jock Yoga is also a proud affiliate and partner with several notable corporations and initiatives.


jy_classJock Yoga is a kick-ass full body workout based in yoga postures and movement. It is a flow yoga method that targets the needs of the ‘generally’ athletic body. Jock Yoga is the only yoga method that delivers a cardiovascular workout where the heart-rate fluctuates between a fat-burning and cardio-training level. Jock Yoga is for ‘jocks’, but that doesn’t mean it’s for men only. Women, men and athletes of all ages come to Jock Yoga to stretch and strengthen their bodies, minds and spirits. Jock Yoga is a balanced blend of stretching and dynamic movements that support training and preparation for any sport or athletic endeavour while providing students with a total-body workout. Jock Yoga does not require extreme flexibility and is taught in everyday terms, making it accessible to a broader range of people. With levels 1-3 now available, we welcome almost anyone who is prepared to sweat! If you’re skeptical of yoga for any reason or you’d simply like to power up your practice, check out Jock Yoga—you may just end up being a yoga-enthusiast!


Jock Yoga is my only yoga practice. There is nothing else like it. I’m much too busy to incorporate three different workouts in a day for total body results. Jock Yoga does it all. I get my yoga practice and my butt kicked all in one shot!” – David Cynamon, Triathlete, former owner of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club